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6 Holly Jolly Green Monday Facts and Tips

6 Holly Jolly Green Monday Facts and Tips

November 18, 2021

The holiday season means shopping is at its peak, and while many consumers are familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they may be less familiar with Green Monday. Held on the second Monday of December, Green Monday is another great day to score deals, especially for those last-minute shoppers.

The website eBay originally coined the term in 2007, and while it has not yet caught on as fast as other holiday shopping days, it has been steadily gaining traction throughout the years. Below are just a few of the interesting facts about Green Monday, along with a few shopping tips to help you score some great deals.

1. Stores Didn't Jump on the Green Monday Bandwagon for a Few Years

Even though the day initially started in 2007, it took until 2010 to be recognized and until 2011 to gain real media attention. After media exposure, major retailers like Walmart and Sears started their own Green Monday Deals in 2012.

2. Deals Are Now Similar to Cyber Monday

By 2016, Green Monday had become the follow up to cyber Monday, with many retailers offering deals as low as those made available on Cyber Monday.

3. You May Find Green Monday Deals On Cyber Monday Websites

While many stores post their own Green Monday deals on their website or in the store circular, you also may be able to find a list on Cyber Monday deal websites.

4. Price Matching Policies Are In Effect With Most Stores

While many stores may limit or remove their price-matching policy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, many may have the policy reinstated on Green Monday. Check the store's policy, which may enable you to do more of your shopping in one place.

5. Free Shipping is a Popular Perk

Since Green Monday is geared towards last-minute holiday shoppers, free shipping, sometimes even expedited shipping, is a big part of their promotion.

6. Downloading Apps Helps You Save

Once you have decided where you plan to do your Green Monday shopping, download any store apps. Sign up for rewards or find extra coupons that may help you save even more.

Enjoy some extra savings on those last-minute gifts this holiday season by taking advantage of the deals that Green Monday has to offer.

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