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Work With a Financial Advisor to Aim to Optimize the Future of Your Business

For business owners and entrepreneurs, the worth of your self-made business can rank high on the list of your life's accomplishments. Succession planning can direct you as you prepare to sell, retire or hand down your business as an inheritance to the next generation.

Passing the Baton

Proper business succession planning can minimize taxes and business depreciation due to a lack of preparedness. Our business planning team will help you explore various exit plans including the following: 

  • Business merger
  • Ownership transfer
  • Management buyout
  • Public sale

Estate Planning

When it comes to preparing for the unexpected, discussing estate planning with a financial advisor can greatly benefit your business now and down the road. If you fall ill or other unforeseen circumstances occur, what will become of your business? Our team of financial advisors can help you navigate a clear path. We will help to build an estate plan that includes your wishes and desires for the work you've devoted your life to. 

Get Started Today

As you think about the long-term picture for the business you've built, we would love to help you devise the appropriate route towards continued growth and success. A financial advisor at LifePath Wealth Advisors can help guide you on the appropriate path. Contact us today at 888-492-3335

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